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The discomfort associated with oinophagy can be alleviated by eating slowly and chewing food well, consuming food reduced to puree or smoothies and, if the problem worsens, avoiding very cold or very hot food and drinks. In the event of suffocation, the Heimlich maneuver must be performed in order to clear the airways.

In case of odynophagia, you must contact your doctor if the problem is associated with the presence of blood in the stool, if the stools are black or if you have problems with bowel movements, if you lose weight for no apparent reason and in case of shortness of breath or dizziness.

Heaviness in the stomach is a prolonged and unpleasant feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen; it develops in correspondence with the stomach, which is the main organ of the digestive system. In most cases the heaviness can resolve itself in a short time, thanks to behavioral interventions or pharmacological interventions.

The heaviness in the stomach can have various causes: ranging from the consumption of heavy (fatty and very seasoned) and abundant meals to eating too quickly or getting cold during the digestive phase. It can also be caused by various pathologies, among which there may be: gallbladder stones, stomach cancer, gastric ulcer, peptic ulcer, hiatal hernia, gastritis, indigestion, food intolerances, pancreatitis, gastroesophageal reflux.

In order to cure the heaviness in the stomach it will be necessary to identify the underlying cause and intervene on this. Often the heaviness disappears by itself, thanks to behavioral interventions – such as reducing alcoholic drinks or particularly fatty foods – or pharmacological, based on antacid, analgesic or prokinetic medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor. The heaviness in the stomach caused by an organic pathology can be soothed through natural remedies; these include digestive herbal teas or candies and tablets with natural extracts, useful for improving gastric and digestive functions.

In case of heaviness in the stomach it is always recommended to avoid do-it-yourself solutions, especially in cases where this disorder may be associated with one of the diseases listed above or if you are taking medications.

In Humanitas Castelli Bergamo, the reference medical area for stomach heaviness is the Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy Service.

Itchy throat is a condition that is characterized by a more or less generalized sensation of inflammation and tingling in the anatomical region that is between the attachment of the tongue and the pharynx. The causes that may be at the basis of this disorder are many: they range from various types of diseases affecting the pharynx, larynx and tonsils (pharyngitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis), to the presence of allergies (respiratory or food), up to the gastroesophageal reflux – when reflux is particularly important, the burning it causes can spread from the pit of the stomach to the throat – and burns, due, for example, to the consumption of excessively hot food or drink. In many cases, then, even ailments such as colds and flu can be associated with itchy throat. More or less annoying depending on the severity of the underlying pathology, itchy throat can be accompanied by dry cough, pain, redness of the mucous membrane, lowering of the voice, difficulty in swallowing.

Among the pathologies that can be associated with itchy throat, there are: gastroesophageal reflux, rhinitis, tonsillitis, tracheitis, burns, food allergies, respiratory allergies, pharyngitis, flu, laryngitis, colds. Remember that this list is not exhaustive and it is always advisable to ask your doctor for advice.

Itchy throat is not treated “directly”, that is through special therapy, but “indirectly”, that is, through the resolution of the underlying medical pathology and of which itching in the throat is only a symptom. To the

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