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Creating An Online Dating Profile

There is a lot of competition when it comes to online dating so you’ve got to do as much as you can to make a great first impression. That first impression is made with a great dating profile. Some people do lie in their profile but that won’t get you anywhere in the long term. It is important to be honest in your profile as well as with the photo you include. The photo must be of you and make sure was taken recently. If you give false information you will only be wasting your time as well of that of your date.

When creating your online dating profile be sure to:

  • be honest
  • give plenty of details
  • avoid being negative
  • try to be unique

If you are serious about meeting someone online then you should be honest and sincere. Giving plenty of details about yourself will ensure that only people with a real interest will contact you. People are more likely to contact you if you have given details about who you are, rather than if you write something vague or very general, because they will know if they will have something in common with you. It makes you more approachable.

Being negative isn’t likely to attract anyone. When you talk about your job and life, try to put everything in a positive light (without lying). Show that you are enthusiastic about your work or hobbies, about life in general. Do this by writing about what you love, your passions, and your dreams. If you don’t have a great job, don’t write about how much you hate it but about what you would rather be doing. If your profile is upbeat and you write about your successes then you will most likely get replies from people who are also upbeat and successful.

You may not believe that you are unique but you are and that can easily be demonstrated by your profile. Don’t just say you like listening to music and going to the movies. Be specific. Mention not only the kind of music you listen to but which artists as well as if you like to see them live or if you only listen to music in your car or walking with your iPod. The same goes for if you like watching movies. Do you watch on TV or do you rent DVDs or do you go to the movie theatre near your house? Who is your favourite actor? Do you prefer art house cinema? There are so many things you can say to show who you really are. Another example is if you love tennis. Do you watch or play? Do you prefer the men’s or women’s game? Singles or doubles? Have you been to a tournament or simply watch on TV? There is a lot you can write about and the more you write the more likely it is you’ll find someone with things in common.

Another point about writing a great dating profile is that it can take time. If you’re not getting responses or the responses you want then try changing a few things. In time, you will present yourself in the right way which attracts the right people.

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Online Dating Tips For Men

Online dating can be difficult for both men and women but it seems to be especially difficult for men. Men need to be aware of how they present themselves if they approach a woman online. The first impression you give is extremely important as you rarely get a second chance in the online dating world.

It sounds strange but there are two first impressions involved with online dating. Firstly when you introduce yourself online and then if that goes well and you meet in person your date will make another impression of you. Both risk failure as most people are very quick to judge others, especially when dating. However if you get past the first stage there are certain things you can do to improve your chances of a successful first date.

Before you head off for your first date you might want to spend a little extra time making sure your look presentable. You want your date to see you at your best so make sure you shave, wash your hair, put on a little aftershave (not too much), and wear clean, ironed clothes. Women will appreciate that you have gone to at least some trouble for her. If you have already got along online then your date is obviously interested in you but if you turn up looking like you don’t care then she probably won’t either.

To get your date off to a good start be sure to arrive on time. This shows you are interested, considerate, reliable, and polite. Don’t ignore how important this is. Your date will be particularly unimpressed if she is waiting alone for you in a public place. Try to arrive a little bit early so you are waiting for her. This way when you greet her on her arrival she will be placed at ease; firstly that she hasn’t been stood up and secondly that she doesn’t have to sit alone to wait for you.

Women love to be treated well, who doesn’t really, but you may be wondering exactly what that means. While every woman is different there are certain things which she is likely to appreciate. Firstly consider taking a small gift. Maybe flowers or a small box of chocolates. Don’t laugh, it works. Then be sure to always put her first when you are out. Make sure you hold doors open for her let her order first if you are eating out, let her choose the movie if you are seeing one. All of these are about creating a good impression but don’t go overboard, you want it to seem natural, to be natural, and to be sincere.

When you spend time with your date, be sure to listen to what she has to say. Don’t spend the whole time talking about yourself. Of course she will want to know more about you too, just make sure one person doesn’t dominate the conversation. The goal is to find out more about each other to see if you have enough in common and if there is enough physical attraction to want to go on a second date.

Most importantly you should be honest with your date. If you lie to her or try to be someone you’re not she will eventually find out anyway. You will be wasting both her time and your own if you’re not honest. This applies to when you leave your date as well. Don’t promise to call if that isn’t your intention. It’s better to say that you don’t feel you’re right for each, thank her for her time and leave on good terms. If you did have a good time then tell her that and then call her the next day to make your next date.

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Online Dating Advice

For most people, the goal of online dating is to eventually go out on a face to face date with someone. A date with someone you have met online is usually quite different from one where you have met elsewhere. There are a number of tips you should keep in mind when dating someone you have never met before to ensure that the experience is a safe one. Of course, you can never be 100% safe with someone you barely know, or with someone you know quite well for that matter, but there are certain precautions everyone should take.

You’ll probably be nervous the first time you meet someone you have met online but the experience should be exciting too. As excited and as happy as you’ll be to finally meet face to face, it is prudent to remain a little guarded. Keep in mind that you have never met them before and as nice as they seemed in their emails, chat, and possibly telephone conversations, you won’t really know who they are until you spend a little time with them. Bear in mind also that they may have lied to you about certain things. Basically you should reserve judgement until you have gotten to know them more.

Top tips to make your date safe:

  • Don’t have them pick you up from your house. Do you really want this person knowing where you live if things don’t go well?
  • Don’t get in a car with them. This is clearly not a safe thing to do. Even if you get on well, don’t do it.
  • Arrange to meet in a public place. A restaurant or cafe is a good idea. This way there will be plenty of people around if you have a problem. If you decide to see a movie make sure it is at a popular time so you won’t be alone in the cinema.
  • Pay your share of the date. If you pay your own way you won’t feel like you have to return the favour later. Plus this should keep things on a friendly level.
  • Don’t meet up in a bar or nightclub or if you do be sure to limit the amount of alcohol you drink. The last thing you’ll want is impaired judgement when out with a stranger. If you do drink, be sure to keep you glass in your view at all times. It is not uncommon to have something slipped into your drink making you totally lose control.
  • Let someone know where you are going and who you are going with. Maybe have a friend call you during the date to make sure everything is going okay.

These tips are common sense but some people forget them when getting caught up in the thrill of meeting someone they have gotten along with so well online. Remember that not is always as it seems when you can’t read someone’s body language and look into their eyes. Be a little cautious and you should have a safe and fun date.

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