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Creating An Online Dating Profile

There is a lot of competition when it comes to online dating so you’ve got to do as much as you can to make a great first impression. That first impression is made with a great dating profile. Some people do lie in their profile but that won’t get you anywhere in the long term. It is important to be honest in your profile as well as with the photo you include. The photo must be of you and make sure was taken recently. If you give false information you will only be wasting your time as well of that of your date.

When creating your online dating profile be sure to:

  • be honest
  • give plenty of details
  • avoid being negative
  • try to be unique

If you are serious about meeting someone online then you should be honest and sincere. Giving plenty of details about yourself will ensure that only people with a real interest will contact you. People are more likely to contact you if you have given details about who you are, rather than if you write something vague or very general, because they will know if they will have something in common with you. It makes you more approachable.

Being negative isn’t likely to attract anyone. When you talk about your job and life, try to put everything in a positive light (without lying). Show that you are enthusiastic about your work or hobbies, about life in general. Do this by writing about what you love, your passions, and your dreams. If you don’t have a great job, don’t write about how much you hate it but about what you would rather be doing. If your profile is upbeat and you write about your successes then you will most likely get replies from people who are also upbeat and successful.

You may not believe that you are unique but you are and that can easily be demonstrated by your profile. Don’t just say you like listening to music and going to the movies. Be specific. Mention not only the kind of music you listen to but which artists as well as if you like to see them live or if you only listen to music in your car or walking with your iPod. The same goes for if you like watching movies. Do you watch on TV or do you rent DVDs or do you go to the movie theatre near your house? Who is your favourite actor? Do you prefer art house cinema? There are so many things you can say to show who you really are. Another example is if you love tennis. Do you watch or play? Do you prefer the men’s or women’s game? Singles or doubles? Have you been to a tournament or simply watch on TV? There is a lot you can write about and the more you write the more likely it is you’ll find someone with things in common.

Another point about writing a great dating profile is that it can take time. If you’re not getting responses or the responses you want then try changing a few things. In time, you will present yourself in the right way which attracts the right people.

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