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A common question regarding online dating is what to wear for your online profile photo. People want to know what colour will get them the most attention. You will get noticed if you have a photo with your profile and people use this to make a quick judgement about you. You want to make sure you stand out and look your best. To do this, you should consider wearing certain colours which will get you the maximum amount of positive attention.

There is no getting away from the fact that appearances matter. This is the case in both the online and offline worlds. A good photo will increase your chances of having people contact you or reply to you. Wear something you feel comfortable in for your photo. If you wear something which isn’t ‘you’, then it will show through in the photo. Wear colours which are flattering for your skin tone and which make you feel attractive and confident.

The most popular colour choice is blue. Blue is associated with peace and tranquility. You’ll appear relaxed and easy going if you wear blue. Blue is also associated with trust and loyalty which is what you need when dating online.

Green is the second best choice after blue. Make sure you choose the right shade of green for your skin tone as otherwise you might look ill in the photo. Green is associated with wealth and confidence – important attributes when trying to make a good first impression.

Red is often equated with lust and sex. You may want to wear this colour if you are looking for a casual relationship but try to avoid it if you want something serious. Black is also considered to be very alluring and sensual but can also make you look a little slimmer. White and yellow are the least successful colours for a dating profile photo. These can make you look washed out and pale, depending on your skin tone, and might make you appear boring or depressive.

Of course, being comfortable and confident is the most important thing but it helps to be aware of how people may perceive you depending on the colour you are wearing.

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