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The Perfect Profile Header

Many online dating websites require (or encourage) you to write a short profile which is shown alongside your username when people are searching for someone to meet. It is a short description of you which acts as a teaser to get people to click on your link to read your full profile and hopefully to contact you.

Your profile short description (or header) is very important if you want to be successful on online dating ie. if you want people to contact you. If your profile header isn’t very descriptive or interesting then few people will contact you. You may have written a great profile but if your short profile isn’t up to scratch then no one will find out more about you.

To encourage people to click on your profile, and to find out more about you, you need to write a profile header which gets immediate attention. The best profile headers tend to be either:

  • funny
  • cute
  • clever
  • philosophical

Of course, you want to be honest otherwise they’ll be disappointed when reading your full profile or after contacting you and determining that you are not who you suggested you were.

To get the most responses to your profile header line, you should avoid using the same text as what hundreds of other users have. You need to be original to stand out from the crowd. Do you own search and see what others write. Many look the same don’t they? Take note of what most people are doing and do the opposite. Or if that is too hard, find some profile headers which you like and put your own slant on it. Change a few words, personalise it to make it describe you. Take four or five of the best profile headers and combine them to make the perfect profile header for yourself.

Change your profile short description every now and then to get more responses. People who previously overlooked your profile may then take an interest. Test different headers to see which convert the best. Try a different angle to attract a different kind of person. Changing your photo can also help. Keep trying and testing and you’ll eventually get so many responses you won’t know what to do with them all.

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