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Enhance Your Love Life on Holiday

There is a lot of pressure on couples in today’s busy world. Work, finances, houses, children, and many more things put strain on a marriage. Many couples divorce due to these stresses. They don’t work through the hard times. It seems that many people don’t consider marriage to be permanent; it’s just permanent for now. That’s okay for some people, but other want to really work at making their marriage last forever. It’s not always easy though. Successful relationships need many things including a satisfying sex life. A great tip for a long and happy marriage and love life is to go away together.

Enhance Your Love Life | Go on Holiday

That’s go on holiday together, not separately, and not with the kids. A long holiday will help you to reconnect in a relaxing stress free environment. You can get the romance back in your life as there are always plenty of opportunities for intimate moments when on holiday. Going away together can help you to remember why you fell in love in the first place. After a long holiday you should return relaxed, refreshed, and more in love than every.

Go out of your way to make your holiday special. Going to a remote location is a good idea as you can spend a lot of quality time together. If you can’t go too far away or for too long then a weekend away at a local hotel can be just as helpful. You can spend quality time with your partner and perhaps meet other likeminded couples.

While alone on holiday you can make a special effort to enhance your love life. Spending quality time together includes romantic, intimate time alone. Working on your relationship in the bedroom can help your marriage enormously. Avoid boredom in the bedroom by trying new things or things you haven’t done for a long time. You may not have time for sex when you’re at home with so many things to do as well as constant distractions but when on holiday you have no excuse. Enjoy your private time together and enhance your love life.

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How To Enhance Your Love Life

Making enhancements to your love life is something which is required in many long term relationships. Stress and health issues or just being busy can result in a lack lustre love life. If you start to become less intimate due to one or both of you being tired then it’s time to start looking for ways to enhance your love life.

The first thing you might consider is your attitude in the bedroom. It can help if you don’t take yourself too seriously and incorporate playfulness in the bedroom. Behaving in a playful manner is important for enjoying your sex life. It can also bring you emotionally closer to your partner.

Being more spontaneous can also improve your love life. The reason for this is that it can make your partner feel more attractive and desirable. When you show that you still find them sexy and can want them at any time of the day or night, not just when it’s expected, it gives them a bit of an ego boost which in turn can enhance your love life.

Tips to Enhance Your Love Life

  1. Add some spice into your relationship by bringing adult toys into the bedroom with you.
  2. Role playing and exploring your fantasies can make your sex life more interesting.
  3. Talk openly about what you want in the bedroom as well as what you don’t want.
  4. Have an open mind and be willing to try new things.
  5. Have sex in different areas of the house to make things less monotonous.
  6. Try new positions on a regular basis so you don’t get stuck doing the same thing all the time.

There are many things you can do to enhance your love life. The main point is to try many different things to see what works for you as a couple. If you always make an effort to do different things then you are unlikely to become bored. There are always new things to try you just have to use your imagination a little. Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. A good sex life is important in a relationship, especially if you want it to last.

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A Great Online Profile

Everyone interested in online dating wants a great profile. Your profile is how you attract dates. They won’t bother to contact you if you they don’t see anything which interests them on your profile. On the other hand, if you mention you are interested in everything under the sun, then who knows who you’ll meet. They are unlikely to be ‘the one’. To have a positive dating experience, and a successful one, you need to get your profile right.

You can improve your dating profile and find more suitable dates by being more specific on your profile. State exactly what it is that you’re looking for. If you only want to date people who are younger than you then say so on your profile. If you only want to meet people who are interested in watching old black and white films then say so. It doesn’t matter what your criteria is, if it’s what you want then put in it your profile. You won’t offend anyone because if they’re not interested in what you are then they’ll just go on to the next profile. You don’t want to say you ‘want to meet new people’ because it is very vague and will attract many, many people (unless that’s what you want). How will you find your perfect match if you don’t talk specifics?

You might sound shallow on your online dating profile if you say you only want to meet people with a certain physical appearance. While this may be shallow, it’s no one’s business but yours. If that’s what you want then say so. There is no point in attracting lots of skinny women if you prefer curvy women. You are there to meet someone you like, not to be politically correct.

Always be respectful when meeting someone online (as you would when meeting offline). Communicating in a chat room or via email, when you don’t have body or eye contact, can be difficult. Something you meant as a joke could easily be taken the wrong way. Try to be extra polite and don’t get too friendly too quickly. Take things slowly and don’t take it all too seriously. You’re there to have a good time after all. If the person you meet doesn’t turn out to be how you’d hoped, don’t worry. Just get right back on the horse and try again.

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Top Tips For The Chat Room

Online dating is an easy way to meet new people. It’s fun, non-threatening, and hassle free. I know I’d rather meet people online than go to some noisy, smokey bar, where everyone is drinking and not much else.

Meeting people online is more than just finding someone of interest and contacting them. If you want to eventually meet in person, you’ll have to get to know them a bit first. One way to do that is by chatting to people in chat rooms. Chatting to someone new can be exciting. You can get enough details about them to know if you want to meet in the real world or not. You can divulge as much or as little about yourself. You don’t have to feel shy or worry about what they think about you. At that point they don’t know too much so you can be confident and just enjoy the experience. It’s easier to make a good impression by chatting in a chat room because you have time to think about what you want to say. Plus you don’t have to worry about what you are wearing and how you look. You could be in your pyjamas and they’d never know.

You do need to be aware of your behaviour in the chat room. You don’t want to give too much information about yourself as you may not want to meet them. You need to be careful to make sure you meet the right kind of person in the real world. You don’t want to meet just anyone. You need to make a safe choice.

You should look to protect your identity at all times. If you give them your email address, make sure it’s a nondescript address which they can’t link to your real name. A Gmail or Hotmail account is best. Set up an account especially for your online dates. If you are going to put personal information in your profile (which is a good idea if you are serious about meeting someone) make sure that information is vague enough that they can’t work out where you live or work. Include your age, gender, and interests but not where you live.

Obviously you want to be honest in your profile and when chatting with people on dating sites. If you lie then your date will be disappointed when you meet and it’s unlikely they’ll want to see you again. You expect honestly from others so be honest yourself. Just keep personal information which can identify you to a minimum.

Don’t get your hopes up when chatting to people online. You have no idea what they are really like and always keep in mind that they may be lying to you. Don’t arrange to meet someone after chatting with them only one time. Chat a few times to get a good idea how sincere they are and that there is really potential for the kind of relationship you are interested in. If you exchange photos, make it a recent photo so your date will know what to expect. Again, honestly is the best policy when chatting online but remember that not all people are as honest as you are.

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Don’t Lie in Your Profile

Lying on your online dating profile isn’t going to get you anywhere. As soon as you meet your date they will figure out that you lied and you’ll never see them again. This is especially the case if you lied about your appearance but also if you lied about your interests. They will soon discover that you are not who you said you were and that’ll be the end of it. Even if you do manage to continue the lie for a while, what purpose does that serve? Do you feel better about yourself because you got a date? You’re just wasting the person’s time and when they find out they are likely to be furious.

Why would you want to lie anyway? If you say you like to listen to popular music when you really like classical music just because you think that is what people want to hear then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Wouldn’t you rather find someone who shares your interests so you can enjoy these things together?

Most people agree that lying on your dating profile is not a good thing:

Lies are always good for the short term and bad for the long term. Singles need to hold themselves to a higher standard of integrity. I advise anyone who goes on a date and finds themselves in front of a liar to immediately excuse themselves from that date. “Sorry, I’m not comfortable continuing with this date because you lied to me. It was a pleasure meeting you however. Thanks, bye.”  This should include lies about age, weight, pictures which are significantly inaccurate/photo shopped.  Lies are the BANE of this industry. A huge detriment. I highly, highly recommend site owners to advise their users to represent themselves in their best possible light within the realms of complete honesty. 

One of the reasons services like Great Expectations and The Right One are doing well, and charging thousands of dollars, is because their clients expect to see truthful profiles and know, truly, who they are meeting before their first date. Less surprises, means more value to clients.  Higher integrity leads to higher profits…in the long run.

So even if your dating profile contains a few white lies then change it now and be completely honest. Don’t waste people’s time. Don’t hurt people over something so silly. Here are a few tips on writing your dating profile.

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Break Up With Your Online Date

There’s not much difference with online dating and dating someone you met offline. There usually comes a time when you have to break up with your date. Whether you do the breaking up or they do, it’s never easy. Part of the problem with online dating is that you know that there is always another date out there and within easy reach. In fact, most online daters are in contact with more than one person at a time so it’s quite easy to decide to break up with someone knowing you have other options.

Once you discover that your relationship with your online date isn’t going anywhere, you need to break up with them. There is no point in dragging it on. If you are on a first date and you know it’s not going to work then you should be honest and tell them that is the case. Don’t give them the impression that you want to see them again. Although this may seem a harsh thing to do, it will only be worse if you carry on seeing them and they develop feelings for you or get there hopes up. That could lead to real disappointment, hurt, and anger.

When you do break up with your date, be honest but not mean. Don’t tell them what you think is wrong with them rather put the focus on yourself. Tell them you don’t feel as though there is any connection. Thank them for the date and their time but make it clear that you won’t be calling or emailing them again. This way you both know where you stand and the other party won’t be waiting by the phone, or computer, to hear from you.

Some people think if the date doesn’t work out then there may be a chance for friendship, but be honest, most people who are dating online are looking for a relationship, either a long term or a short term relationship, but less often for friendship. What are you looking for? What are they looking for? If you are looking for romance then forget about the idea of friendship. It generally doesn’t work.

Don’t break up in a public place. You don’t want people to be able to overhear your conversation and you surely don’t want to embarrass your date. Have a quiet word with them, gently explaining your reasons and let them have their say. Get everything out in the open and your break up should go smoothly.

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Make Millions With Online Dating

Just to show how popular online dating is; check out this post listing some of the top Google AdSense earners. The list is not complete or accurate but Markus Frind of Plenty of Fish is definitely making a hell of a lot of money. He’s on the top of the list for his free dating site.

He is reportedly earning $300,000 per month from AdSense and it’s just him and his girlfriend doing all the work. People have questioned his real level on earnings but if it’s true that he’s getting 500 million page views per month then $300,000 is believable. Either way, he’s making millions a year.

1: Markus Frind: – $300,000 per month

Markus Frind is a local Vancouverite who is turning the online dating world upside down. His site, is the biggest free dating site on the Internet. receives up to 500 million page views per month and make over $10,000 per day for Markus, who runs the site from home.

You think a site this big would be staffed by a hundred people but the only employee that Markus has is his girlfriend, who helps to answer the emails. Markus coded Plenty of Fish all by himself. The site is lean and mean and requires only four servers to handle all that traffic.

So if you want to meet someone then get out there and start looking. 500 million page view per month means there’s an awful lot of other people out there looking too so you’ve just got to find each other.

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Online Dating | To Do Or Not To Do

First dates are often a little stressful, especially when online dating.. You generally don’t know the person very well so you may be apprehensive as to whether or not you’ll get along, what to talk about, their impression of you etc. This is the case for a date set up both offline and online. The problem is, if you don’t make a good first impression, even if it’s due to being too shy or insecure, then you may not get a second date and the chance to show your real self. This can be really hurtful, especially if you really liked the person. So you have to make a good first impression. With a little thought and planning, and sometimes practice, everything should go fine on your fist online date.

Make your date feel comfortable.

Remember that you are both there to have a good time. You don’t have ‘perform’ and be funny or cute. Just be yourself. If you are comfortable and natural then your date is likely to feel at ease. Obviously you want to try to be interesting with the stories you tell and you should think a little about what you are going to say in advance, but you don’t want to sound rehearsed. Be flexible and listed to the response and comments of your date. You don’t want to sit there with nothing to say so think of a few funny anecdotes which you can recount or other things you can talk about such as events you are been to or would like to go to. Another way to make your date feel comfortable is to listen carefully to what they are saying and to ask relevant questions. Be sincere though, don’t ask questions if you are really not interested, instead ask them about something else.

Keep in mind your date may be nervous too.

Don’t be so self absorbed that all you can think about is how you are doing, do they like you, should you have said that etc. Think about how they are feeling. They are most likely just as, if not more nervous than you, especially if they are shy or if this is their first online date. Try to be aware of how they feel and do your best to comfort them if they appear anxious, although you don’t want to bring attention to their shyness or nervousness as that could just make them feel worse. Hopefully you won’t have to work too hard during the date and the conversation will flow naturally but be prepared anyway. You have obviously had some contact already as you took interest in each others profile so you should be able to chat about something.

Plan to do something.

Rather than go on a date where you just sit and talk, which can be difficult for shy people on a first date, try to do something fun. A first date doesn’t have to be dinner or a movie. There are many other things you can do. If you are interested in art you may want to go to an art gallery. This way you can talk about the art  if you run out of things to say. It may seem a little retro but you could go bowling. The game will take your mind off any awkward pauses. If you both like a particular band you could go see them live. You could then talk about the concert after the date. First dates don’t have to intimidating or stressful, even with online dating. There is obviously something you like about each other so focus on that.

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