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A Great Online Profile

Everyone interested in online dating wants a great profile. Your profile is how you attract dates. They won’t bother to contact you if you they don’t see anything which interests them on your profile. On the other hand, if you mention you are interested in everything under the sun, then who knows who you’ll meet. They are unlikely to be ‘the one’. To have a positive dating experience, and a successful one, you need to get your profile right.

You can improve your dating profile and find more suitable dates by being more specific on your profile. State exactly what it is that you’re looking for. If you only want to date people who are younger than you then say so on your profile. If you only want to meet people who are interested in watching old black and white films then say so. It doesn’t matter what your criteria is, if it’s what you want then put in it your profile. You won’t offend anyone because if they’re not interested in what you are then they’ll just go on to the next profile. You don’t want to say you ‘want to meet new people’ because it is very vague and will attract many, many people (unless that’s what you want). How will you find your perfect match if you don’t talk specifics?

You might sound shallow on your online dating profile if you say you only want to meet people with a certain physical appearance. While this may be shallow, it’s no one’s business but yours. If that’s what you want then say so. There is no point in attracting lots of skinny women if you prefer curvy women. You are there to meet someone you like, not to be politically correct.

Always be respectful when meeting someone online (as you would when meeting offline). Communicating in a chat room or via email, when you don’t have body or eye contact, can be difficult. Something you meant as a joke could easily be taken the wrong way. Try to be extra polite and don’t get too friendly too quickly. Take things slowly and don’t take it all too seriously. You’re there to have a good time after all. If the person you meet doesn’t turn out to be how you’d hoped, don’t worry. Just get right back on the horse and try again.

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