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Albanian Clothing

Albanian clothing can easily be found online in places like CafePress. Online shops selling Albanian clothing include Albanian Designs. Designed by Albanians for Albanians.

Over three quarters of Albania is mountainous and there is a significant coastal plain. The mountain range stretches the length of the country with its highest peak being Mt Korab at 2751 metres. The longest river in Albania is the Drini River which starts at Lake Ohrid. The coastal area from Vlora to Saranda is one of the most beautiful in the region with forest covered mountains and turquoise waters.
The Albanian people are typically helpful and generous. More and more Albanians are learning to speak English, especially young people, and many also speak Italian. The two main dialects spoken are Gheg in the north and Tosk in the south.

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Miss Albania 2007

In the north of Albania, near the border with Kosova, you’ll find the city of Kukes (Kukesi). This small city of around 15,000 people is in a beautiful mountainous region known as the Vikut Mountains or sometimes just as the Albanian Alps. Kukes was the first town to be nominated for the Nobel Peach Prize after it happily accepted 150,000 refugees during the Kosova conflict.

The contest for Miss Albania 2007 with be a tough one with so many beautiful Albanian girls fighting for the Miss Universe title. Only time will tell who will be the lucky winner of Miss Albania 2007.

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Northern Albania has spectacular scenery in the untouched mountain regions including those around Tropoja. One of the most beautiful places to visit near Tropoja is The Great Lake (Liqeni i Madh). The water is clean and fresh, as is the air. It is a wonderful place for hiking and exploring.

Tropoja is located 260kms north of Tirana, close to the border with Kosova. It is not far from the city of Gjakova and is also within easy reach of other cities in Kosova. The region is best visited with your own transport so you can stop off at the many vantage points in the mountains and overlooking lakes.

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