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Thinking of taking an Albanian trip? Me too! I know it’s best to take a trip to Albania during the summer months but I’m not sure I can wait until then. I’ve taken trips to Albania before but there are still so many places I’d like to visit.

Albanian Trips

So far I’ve been to Tirana, Durres, Vlora, Fier, Berat, and a few smaller towns. There are so many places I’d like to visit though. I’d especially love to go to Saranda, Butrint, Girokastra, and a few places in the north. I love the ruggedness of the north so visiting that region is a high priority for my next trip.

I’m not sure I could see all these things in the one visit so I might have to make multiple Albanian trips. That’s fine by me as I love visiting this fascinating country with its welcoming, generous people.

Where would you like to go on your Albanian trip? Share your ideas in the comments such as where you want to go or what you’ve seen which might be of interest to others. Also mention what wasn’t worth seeing. For example, I always wanted to go to Saranda because I’d heard that is was a beautiful beach resort but after seeing some recent photos I’m not sure it’s the place for me. There are lots of apartment buildings by the sea which have possibly spoilt the area a little bit. What do you think? Is it still worth visiting?

I’m sure I’ll visit all these places anyway, just so I can say I’ve seen them and so I can form my own opinion on what they are like. I can’t wait to get back to Albania, I’ve been away for too many years.

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