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New Albanian Music

Many Albanians love to listen to traditional Albanian music but new Albanian music is becoming more and more people. New artists are releasing new music on a regular basis. This music is not only released in Albanian but also in countries with large Albanian communities such as the US, Germany, and Switzerland.

New Albanian Music

You can find new Albanian music on sites such as MySpace and YouTube. YouTube is great for watching music video clips of Albanian music. There are many other sites where you can download music for your mp3 player. Where do you get your Albanian music from?

There are a few sites dedicated to new Albanian music but really you have to search quite a bit before you find something you like. I guess this is why most people get their music from friends who have similar tastes. The latest songs get passed around for everyone to listen to.

Albanian music which is being created now is influenced by many music genres. There are Albanian rap artists, hip hop, house, country, and even classical musicians. Finding the music you like is really about searching for specifically what you are looking for.

It’s great to see that new Albanian music is moving away from the traditional as musicians are exploring the world of music which is out there.

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