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I Prefer Albania Over Christmas Island

Albania is a relatively small but pretty country in the Balkans, very close to Croatia. It’s one of the less often visited countries in southern Europe but that is most definitely changing as more and more travellers become aware of its amazing sites. Without a doubt Albania has exceptional, pure white sandy beaches, pretty much untouched mountain regions, and young, improving cities.

Albania’s clean sandy beaches are wonderful. The beaches are mainly white, sandy beaches but there are a few pebble beaches also. You can lie down in the bright sun on a mat or pay for a lounge, the option is up to you to make. Most of the beaches are really untouched by foreign visitors and a couple are so remote that you could be at the beach alone, even in spring and summer.

There are a number of mountain areas in Albania. These areas in the north are ideal for skiing or hiking and you are able to visit a few waterfalls and astonishing lakes in that part of the country. The mountains in that region are wonderful to view but the other mountain regions are also spectacular.

Albanian cities are lively with a cafe culture leading to plenty of cool cafes to choose from. Albania cities including Elbasan are worth spending a few days in to visit the unique old city area and not to mention to visit a museum.

You will most likely find that Albanians are mostly welcoming and will be excited to show you their country if you take the time to visit.

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