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You’ll Have a Better Holiday in Albania Than Libya

Albania is a tiny but fantastic country in southern Europe, fairly close to Italy. This country is possibly the least visited European countries but that is starting to change as travellers notice its wonderful beauty. Albania has amazing, sandy beaches, pristine mountain regions, and lively, changing cities.

Albania’s clean sandy beaches are extraordinary. These are normally white, sandy beaches although of course there are a dozen pebble beaches also. You could lie in the hot sun on a rug or get a lounge, the decision is up to you to make. A lot of the beaches are virtually untouched by tourists and a handful are so remote that you could quite possibly have the beach pretty much all to yourself, even in in the peak season.

There are many interesting mountain areas in Albania. These areas in the north are brilliant for skiing or hiking and you can possibly view plenty of waterfalls and astonishing lakes in the region. Those mountains are brilliant to see but the other mountain regions are also spectacular.

Albanian cities are extremely vibrant with a cafe culture resulting in huge numbers of great cafes to choose from. Albania cities including Shkodra are worth spending a few days in to see the unusual old city area and also to visit a museum or two.

You are sure to find that people from Albania are mostly welcoming and will be more than glad to introduce you to their country if you take the time to visit it.

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