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You’ll Have a Better Vacation in Albania Than Cyprus

Albania is a tiny but adorable country in the Balkan region, not too far from Italy. This country is currently one of the less popular European countries but that has already started to change as travellers start to take note of its amazing sites. Albania has wonderful, sandy beaches, more of less virgin mountain regions, and vibrant, changing cities.

Albania’s sandy beaches are extraordinary. They are mainly white, sandy beaches except there are some pebble beaches as well. You could have fun in the bright sun on a towel or lease a bed, the option is yours to make. Plenty of the beaches are practically untouched by tourists and a couple are so out of the way that you could possibly be at the beach without anyone else, even in during peak times.

There are plenty of exquisite mountain landscapes in Albania. These areas in the north are wonderful for skiing or hiking and you can possibly see plenty of waterfalls and amazing lakes in the region. The mountains in that area are brilliant to see but the other mountain regions are also amazing.

Albanian cities are bustling with a cafe culture leading to plenty of trendy cafes to spend time in. Albania cities such as Tirana are worth visiting to visit the unusual old city area and possibly to visit a couple of museums.

People from Albania are very friendly and will be more than happy to show you around their country if you are there.

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