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1 regarding the urban cemetery I wanted to point out that there (in the old cemetery to be more precise) there is the monument / tomb of Abele Damiani a Marsalese descendant of an ancient Genoese patrician born and died in Marsala who was a patriot, senator and vice president of the Senate of the kingdom of Italy, he fought in Milazzo and was with Giuseppe Garibaldi on the Aspromonte and on the death of the general and hero of the two worlds he made the cloth with the inscription MARSALA where the body of Garibaldi was wrapped was a follower of Francesco Crispi he opposed the Borboni and fund the TECHNICAL AGRARIO STATE OF MARSALA which bears his name since his death (among other things in the historical garden of the aforementioned school a half-length of him is exhibited), and the airplane a monument that commemorates the victims of the Ustica massacres (the plane crash of June 22, 1980). 2. Finally, the city of Marsala has the monument to the thousand (Porto VIALE COLONELLO STEFANO MALTESE area). It was a ship-shaped building with two sterns and a bow (which symbolize Piedmont and Lombardy the two ships with which the Mille and Garibaldi landed in Marsala 11 May 1860), where you can enter inside where you they find the new Garibaldi museum, the headquarters of the Pro Loco of Marsala with an information desk and a mini conference room.

I point out the SANCTUARY OF MARIA SS. OF THE QUARRY. The Madonna della Cava is the main patron and special pro-rector of the city of Marsala. Father Leonardo Savina, a friar of the Augustinian Order of Hermits, came in a dream to the image of the Madonna who urged him to dig at the quarry to find the ancient simulacrum on which to build a church.

Only in 1518 on January 19th, following a collapse, was the statue of the Madonna, a small sculpture 18 cm high, found.With its discovery many miracles occurred, witnessed by extensive documentation. It seems that whoever discovered it was mute and regained speech. In 1788 the city of Marsala elects the Madonna della Cava with a notary deed, main patron and special protector of the city of Marsala. It is celebrated on January 19 with a procession of faithful. On 11 May 1943, due to the bombings, the Madonnina was recovered from the rubble and brought back to safety. The Madonna saved the city from many earthquakes, one of which was that of January 14, 1968, the Belice earthquake. In 2018, the 500th anniversary of its discovery will be celebrated. I also recommend the SANCTUARY OF THE HOLY FATHER DELLE PERIERE where a copy of the statue of SAN FRANCESCO DI PAOLA is kept, the story says that this statue was found in the Pirrera (tuff quarry) and was brought to the church the next day the statue was not again and again in the same place where it was discovered, they brought the statue back to the church and the next day the same thing happens. The case was considered a miraculous event and they thought that the saint wanted to stay there in the place where he was and then they built a sanctuary entirely in tuff right on that place.

I advise you to search on a search engine for the TOURIST PORTAL OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF MARSALA where you will find all the info. Audio guides are available on the site.

Sorry if I’ve been a bit long and especially about my typing and grammar mistakes, but I hope I was clear. And I apologize even if I do not write the address of the recommended site because I do not know if I can post the URL, however just write on a search engine TOURIST PORTAL OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF MARSALA on the site above there is the coat of arms of the city . THANK YOU AND GOODBYE.


Dear Luigi, thank you for adding this valuable information of great interest, which enriches when already mentioned in the article, which obviously summarizes many but not all the beauties of the city. Marsala should be seen well, it holds many treasures. Thank you very much for your contribution. Keep following the blog, see you soon, Paola

Hello tokymelange! Thanks a lot! And I haven’t written the article about good things to eat here in Marsala yet, so after that you’ll be racing in Sicily! p.s I discovered your blog on Japan, I’ll keep an eye on it for future travel! hello, Paola

Hello! I can’t wait to read the post on Sicilian specialties … even here, however, don’t mess around. I really hope you can come soon !!! Happy Sunday, tokyomelange

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